Top 3 Natural, Safe & Effective Beauty Tips

Let’s focus on facial skincare.

No one wants to learn that their favorite personal care products are made with lots of  hazardous synthetical chemicals. We all watch what we put in our mouth, yet what we put on our skin somehow seems less important. Some people don’t think about the dangerous chemicals because they’re ‘only’ putting moisturizers, lotions etc on their skin and do not ingest them. Wake up!  Our skin is our largest organ and anything that comes into contact with it will be absorbed and will enter the body as if we would eat it! So better….

Follow my 3 Easy & Smart Tips for healthy and great skin and thank yourself for doing so.roller

1. Check out those Labels

Choose products without any synthetic chemicals. Avoid synthetic fragrance by skipping products with the generic term “fragrance” on the label. Since the beauty industry is largely unregulated, it’s up to you to do your own research to find S A F E products. Even when it says ‘pure’ ‘natural’ or ‘organic’, be aware of the fact that there are no legal standards for personal care products. So you would want to look beyond all the marketing claims & promises and double check labels.

2. DIY !

Don’t panic, it’s actually easy, quick and fun! All I do is putting 5 drops of Frankincense, Geranium and Lavender Essential Oil in a 10ml rollerbottle and fill remainder with biologic (not roasted and cold pressed) Argan oil. It takes about a minute or so to make this supernourishing, calmings , anti-wrinkle product that I use both in the morning and evening after cleaning my face.


I use biologic Argan oil since this oil is rich in vitamin E for the best skin nourishment. Vitamin E also stimulates cell renewal and restoration of the skin, prevents breakdown of collagen, it even promotes production of collagen, keeping your skin nicely ‘elastic’. I got my oil from Achehboune Products ( Rachida Achehboune in Taroudante, Maroc) If you’re in The Netherlands, use this link:

Frankincense is totally awesome for your skin, it renews cells and diminishes spotsLavender soothes the skin and slows the agingprocessGeranium has anti wrinkle properties!! It can’t get better! I only use the B E S T CPTG oils (Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade) because I only want 100% natural, safe and effective products since they enter my body.  No more over-expensive high end brand moisturizers, I choose Gifts of the Earth every Morning and evening. Because I’m worth it😉! Is this good enough for you too? Click here if you want your own oils. If you want a 25% discount, let me know by clicking here and leaving your contactinfo so I can get back to you (give me 24 during weekdays and 24-48 hours during weekends).

3. Go to sleep on time!

This is my all time favorite, and it works all the time! Ah, I sleep like a baby, I’m addicted to B I G dreams and wish the same for you!

To your Looks, to your Health, to your Freedom,


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2 thoughts on “Top 3 Natural, Safe & Effective Beauty Tips

  1. Wow I didn’t realize that about the organic skin products. I guess you just have to do more research when it comes to finding out more of what they do promise. Thank you this is so important. -Jocelyne from

    • Isn’t it crazy Jocelyne? All the toxic stuff that goes into skincare!! Our skin is our largest organ, we better treat it right, right?!

      If you’re looking for safe top products, I’m happy to help you 🙂 Have a great day, Corinne

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