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M O O D B L O W I N G  N E W S !

ūüėĬ†Supporting our mood, even to the point we can change our mood by using essential oils? Y E S !¬†What I learnt last week listening to top medical doctors and scientists in the USA was priceless and lifechanging…It blew my mind, ehm, my mood¬†that we can change our mood, our psyche on a deep, deep level by using essential Oils.¬†


I learnt¬†about moodsupport a few months age, as I was using the Passion Blend¬†on days where I completely lost it;¬†myself, wondering what was the meaning for¬†my life, my passion. At those moments I put¬†3-4 drops of Passion in my diffuser and this helped me tremendously to get me going, it fired me up to wanting to go and take action, to live!¬†From fear +¬†freezing to passion +¬†action! Rekindling excitement!¬†Thank God this mood challenge (which was eating me alive) isn’t visiting me¬†every other day, yet it is something I’ve dealt with for sure. And dealt with so much more succesfully using the Passion Blend. Life happens to all of us, our view of live and everything happening determines the quality of our lives. That’s what¬†I experience to be true all the time, good times and bad times.

How aroma triggers our brain…¬†

Feeling good is essential to our health. Since the vast majority of illnesses is linked to¬†a psychological cause, it is right T H E R E in the head where we want to start getting cured. Our brain is wired in this way that it responds strongly to aroma. When we inhale the fragrance of the Essential Oil of our choice, the tiny¬†molecules go directly to work and in only 15-30 seconds our nervous system responds, whether we inhale or use¬†the Essential Oil topically. And you know what, our nervous system is not subject to our will nor to¬†our consciousness. Meaning the power of Essential Oils can help anybody, not just ‘the believers’ :-)!


Scientific research to back this up

Our limbic system is directly connected to our subconsciousness and those parts of the brain that control stress, emotion processing, heart rate, hormone balance, blood pressure, breathing and memory, so essential oils can have profound physiological and psychological effects! Imagine that! Essential Oils Aroma releases all kinds of hormones and in turn this affects our mind and our emotions, and in the end our actions! Our smell is so much more acute than our other senses and when we register aroma, our brain is influenced much faster than it is by sight or sound. Pretty interesting, right?! Whether we need to relax our mind or to uplift our spirit. For more research click here!

And this all can be done one drop at a time

All we have to do is to pick the Essential Oil or Blend (mix of Essential Oils) that we need for a specific mood challenge. Be it that we need support to feel more Peace, Passion, Motivation, Consolation, JOY? Balance? Sense or purpose? etc.etc. Get that support for your Mood right now! If you need help in choosing  anEssential oil or Blend for your mood, ask me by clicking  here. So great this is all pure and natural without nasty side effects!!! To your Mood, To your G O O D Mood.  

Hugs, Corinne

PS: If you prefer video, watch it here.

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