Just For Today : Write Down Your Gratitude List

Hi All,

Life happens to me. Life happens to me B I G   T I M E !

There are days I’m so stuck, I can hardly even struggle anymore. There is not even one high amidst the lows. Until… I start working on my gratitude list. This simple act of writing down my blessings takes me only a few minutes and it works all the time! Whaaahaa, full milk in my fridge to fix a great latte is mostly on top of my list…Shallow? I don’t know, I don’t judge myself for it, since it’s one of those things in life that makes me happy especially when it goes with a sudoku! See pic for more on my gratitude-list…

2016-08-16 15.28.14

As I work on my list my gratitude goes through the roof today!

The fun part of making a gratitude list is that even when I don’t feel like there is a single thing to put on ( my thoughts can be D A R K ), as soon as I sit down and take my pen and paper there is something I can think of and that’s the beginning! It puts me in another state of mind :-). Sometimes the list has a very subtle effect, sometimes the effect fires me up totally as it does today! I accept both effects. That is what it is. I cannot force myself, I have no power over it. What I get to choose is how I answer to life. My attitude affects M E in the first place. So hopefully my blogpost affects Y O U in a positive way! Try for yourself to write down your reasons to be grateful. I’ve heard someone say that in order to be G R E A T you first have to be G R A T E F U L ! Let’s be G R A T E F U L !  Let’s be G R E A T !


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