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Daily habits!

It’s said we can form habits in 63 days, if we work them every day. Now it’s a bit over 63 days, give or take a day,  that I discovered essential lemon oil and use it daily since! Some habits are harder to form than this one…

What drink is insanely inexpensive to make ( I love that, I’m very Dutch), keeps my skin glowing, aids in digestion and detoxes at the same time?  N O, N O, not some miracle promising elixir, it’s lemon water!

Every morning I put a drop of essential lemon oil in a glass, add water to it and drink it because of the impressive benefits.

  • Lemon is very much known for it’s cleansing properties, it is a natural detoxifier, helping toxics leave your body
  • On top of that, or should I say because of that, it gives energy!
  • Yeah, and my skin looks good, ofcourse I love to keep it that way :-)! If you maybe met with Sarah :-), you reached a certain age, you for sure know what I’m talking about !

Have a lemon drink! And judge for yourself. Promise yourself to make this a habit, you will not regret it!

Watch my lemon video here:

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