How To Stop Procrastination Disease? Overwhelm? Inaction?

Are you a Procrastination-PRO

Do You Suffer From Overwhelm? Inaction?


No matter what it’s called or in what order we put it…

let’s beat it!

If there is one thing in life that paralyzes me, it is overwhelm! For me being overwhelmed, is being inactive for the biggest part. There is only  O N E  part of me that is working overtime when I feel overwhelmed, and that is my head. To be more specific, it is my thinking. My thoughts are everywhere and about everything, everything I have to do what I, me-boss, tells me to.

Especially it happens to me at the start of a new week. I love to have options and ideas, yet if all I do is merely thinking and dreaming about these options and what idea to choose to work on that is where things go wrong, very wrong…they go nowhere! It results more than once in not being focussed, getting indecisive and at the end of the day being unfulfilled and thinking (again!) on A L L  I could have done. That may sound exaggerated, honestly, it is how I often experience it. And I know for sure I’m not the only one.

How To Stop being a Procrastination-Pro? 

Or How to Handle Overwhelm?

Overwhelm results in procrastination too often in my case. Now I’m aware of this, I can handle it better, much better. Instead of being a Procrastination-PRO, I beat it by acting. It is so simple, since when I’m taking action on a task, I don’t feel overwhelmed, no, instead I feel energized because I’m acting! I can cross the task off of my list. Good news: anyone can do this!                                                                Just pick one thing and go do it, no excuses, no more thinking ! Preferably something you can do in an hour or less, in order to have quick results which will then result in taking on another little project! And you know, little projects, when done consistently, add up to your B I G project, your goal, your why, your burning desire you intend to accomplish!

Right now writing this blogpost fires me up, this day I plan to do some other stuff, I already talked AND listened to some people meaning I’m taking the necessary steps that bring me closer to my goal.

Feel Alive And Live Intentionally!

To you! To your Goals, Your Why, Your Starting To Act on It!


PS: I got some extra help, beside this ‘action-taking-mindset’! Now I’m not cheating,  I use some natural aid in the process of taking action. Or should I say in the pre-process? I put a couple drops of Balance Essential Oil to help me keep grounded and balanced, to give me the solid tranquillity and overview.

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