How To Get Your Essential Oils

Start With A Wholesale Account!

First things first: With doTERRA you get absolute top quality oils! Since their methods in all stages of production, such as sourcing, distillation and testing have proven to produce the very best essential oils.

Why I purchase my oils from doTERRA? Because this company loves and values people over anything else! Making a big difference in the lives of growers by co-impact sourcing and giving back to communities all over the world. doTERRA’s products are free from synthetic chemicals, weeds, fillers, pesticides etc. Just great, high quality products A N D with the best support and education. This company has the highest standards in terms of quality! I think those standards are very important as  my health, looks and mood are affected when I use the products. My mood is already pleasantly affected by doTERRA’s way of working before using any oil ;-). All you can do to convince yourself of the top quality is to smell these oils, I rest my case!

Now you want to make sure you get your own wholesale account, even when you are a total essential-oil newbie. Let’s point out the benefits:

  • As a wholesale member you get a 25% discount on all your purchases right away! 
  • No required minimums, hidden fees or obligations other than purchasing 1 oil per year.
  • Lots of education + tips around the oils from me!
  • The opportunity to take part of the Loyalty Rewards Program, which allows you to move your discount percentage up to 55%! Now that’s what I call serious savings.

If you start with a kit, your enrollmentfee is waived, saving you around 25 euro or 35 usd, or depending where you are in the world a similar amount in your local currency. So for me, being very Dutch, that was a no-brainer to get started ;-).

10 Simple Steps To Sign Up For Your Wholesale Account 

Follow 1-10:

  1. Click here for a login to your sign up process. You can invest a €25-$35 One Time Fee by purchasing an Introductory Essential Oil Packet upon check out OR choose an enrollment kit and your enrollment fee is waived. If you like to choose your own selection of oils that are not in a kit, that’s allright, in this case you pay the One Time Fee.
  2. Click ‘Join & Save’ at the top. Then click  the ‘Join doTERRA’ button  at the right  bottom.
  3. Once you’ve selected your country, select ‘Wholesale Prices’ so you get the best deal.
  4. For the ‘Enroller ID’ and Sponsor ID’ enter 3100163 in both boxes so I am sure to support you in your oil journey.
  5. Fill out your details including name, address, billing + shipping address and remaining contact info.(You will be asked to enter your Tax ID number or SSN# for the USA, but it’s not obligatory. This is for tax purposes only. By opening a Wholesale Account, you have the opportunity to sell the products  if you would like that. If you like this and you make over $600 a year in commissions, a Tax ID or SSN# is required by USA law. doTERRA will not share this information with anyone! If you are only opening up a Wholesale Account for your personal use, you don’t need to provide this information…until you do share the oils in a while since it is very hard N O T to do;-).
  6. Next you select your time zone and your own virtual office Password so you can login to your brand new account and go for O I L S !
  7. Agree to the basic Terms and Conditions and Your Virtual Office Agreement.
  8. Select you initial order, meaning, your  €25-$35 Introductory Essential Oil Packet plus the first products you like to choose other than in a kit by typing in the names of the oils or products. OR you pick an enrollment kit.  Click here to see our enrollment kits.
  9. Personally, I think getting an enrollment kit is the best deal since the enrollment fee is waived and additionally you’ll have extra discount as opposed to purchasing the products from the kit separately. On the other hand, if you like to make your own choice, I can help you choose what suits your needs best to getting your desired results by informing you about the oils.
  10. Set up your OPTIONAL Loyalty Rewards Program: This is the smartest way to purchase your oils and it is your reward for being a loyal customer. You’ll want to look at this because it is going to save you L O T S of money! Make sure you do N O T  Miss Out ! You’ll get back 10% up to 30% of your order every month in product credit that you can redeem any time and since you’ll soon be a happy oil user like me, you’ll enjoy this great benefit! Don’t worry if it’s not totally clear now as we’ll get into this later.

That’s it. Super Easy. 1 Step at a time. You’ve opened your account now and you are ready to go!

So if you are interested in getting started N O W then please click the link below and follow the above instructions.

I’m Ready For Oils!

If you still feel like you need more information about essential oils or you have some burning questions (and you do NOT have a doTERRA Wholesale Account yet) and you like to book a call with me:

Click here