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  Practise Gratitude!

Last week I heard following: When you practise Gratitude, it makes you feel more free and happy then when you don’t. This was nothing new to me, yet it was a nice reminder and the thing is I never have enough reminders when it comes to reminding good things!! I was wondering who doesn’t want to feel more free and happy? And do I ever see a grateful person who is negative or unhappy? No! A grateful person is a joyful person! Gratitude and Joy are so closely related.


Nietzsche said that human beings can get used to anything. I tell myself to get unused to all the wonderful things I have and consciously ponder (AND speak out) the very same wonderful things, e.g. all the options to choose what to do with my life, the ability to make a great latte, to bake a delicious Dutch applepie, to discover this crazygood hairproduct that finally seems to work repairwonders for my damaged frizzled hair ETC ETC ETC. Whaha, before I know it I’m on top of the world!top

You Change Your Vibration Practising This Simple Act Of Gratitude

Every day slow down for a minute or two and say out loud three things (this can be persons too ;-)) you are grateful for!  My personal tip: I don’t focus on the things I want or even need that I do not have YET, I think of daily stuff that makes me happy…..This morning I’m truly grateful for

*my great sunny light appartment

*my home made latte

*my inspiration to work on my dreammegafoon

Do Yourself A Favor And Speak Up!

Gosh, it makes me so grateful for gratitude!!! It does make me think of all that is good, that is worthy, all that is positive AND I hear myself saying three reasons for gratitude. It removes any scarcity mindset I may have when I do not do this. My experience is that some days or even some seasons in my life it is a bit harder to come up with things to be grateful for, until I slow down for a moment: it’s amazing how many things pop up in my mind even in times of trouble :-).

Have a F R E E,  J O Y- and  G R A T E F U L  Friday!


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