Detox! Why would you?!

Today is the 5th day of my 30 day Detox. Amazing how I can do without sugar ! I have to admit it’s not super easy,  yet it’s not super difficult either.  I’m so determined to get the best result out of this detox experience.😀 Feeling better, looking better: it’s not that complicated. It’s saying NO to the things I used to say YES to regularly, even automatically. Like taking a cookie with my latte or a chocolate with my tea when it’s presented. Preparation is key! In my mind I already see myself saying ‘NO thanks’ to these little temptations, so when real life happens, I know what to do.


I’m all in for a new habit!  The main reason I decide to do this detox, is because I want to change my eating habits. Like stop taking cow milk and cutting down my sugar intake. White sugar is one of the worst aging factors!!! I bet if you knew that, you’d be cutting your sugar intake! I’m not eager to look old, or should I say older than ‘neccesary’? You see, the benefits of detoxing and creating a habit are exciting!

Although I’m not really in for weightloss,  I do experience some in my fifth day! (Not weighing myself, just noticing my clothes are little more loose fit).

So in 30 days I’m well on my way to create a habit. I’ve read it actually takes more than 30 days, it takes 63 days to have your new habit integrated in your system.  C O N S I S T E N C Y !  We can choose what new habits we will adopt in 2017 and what habits we let go! What a free thought to end writing and make a cup of fresh mint tee with some almonds and dates.

tea dates

Have a great weekend! Ciaoocorinne

PS: If you want to find out more about this detox and/or new habits, click here, leave your name and email and I’ll get back to you!



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