Balance! How To Do That? Especially on Monday Mornings…

How to go from being enthusiastic, even hyper to…..Balanced

It’s easier done than said in this case! Since I’ve ‘dealt with’ lots of enthusiasm and creativity all my life, being into new ideas etc my challenge often times is:

W H E R E   D O   I    S T A R T ?

Making to-do-lists, is one of the things that help me. Yet sometimes this can turn into a to do list of several to do lists grrr… Or searching for that one envelop I got in the mail earlier where I jotted down an important task or reminder. I forgot what it was,  I only remembered I made a note that there was something I had to take care of! Frustration, frustration…! Or checking notes in my phone randomly to find out I put some tips in I never used and were perfect for an occasion a while ago… So much for a dynamic head with a lot going on. It helps to know this fact about myself so I can focus on the solution. So far I managed, no need to be perfect :-).

A N D   T H E N   I   F O U N D   B A L A N C E   A N D   I   L O V E   I T  !


Literally! I got a bottle of this essential oil blend and this is my easy routine: I rub 1 drop under both my feet every morning and the oil does the job. It helps me to work my schedule and gets me into the habit of first things first. It’s an amazing effect! No, I do N O T turn into another person,  Y E S  the blend gives me stability and perseverance on top of being more in the here and now. Exactly what I need! And it smells good to!

Watch and enjoy my 1,5 minute video.

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Be good, be B A L A N C E D !

Corinne 🙂

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