About Me


My name is Corinne, I love L I F E, I love Freedom and after several adventures here I am : Making this website to share my biggest passion: True Freedom By
N A T U R A L  H E A L T H  S O L U T I O N S  for body, mind, mood & looks!

If I had to choose 3 keywords to describe me they would be: Freedom, Enthusiasm and Discipline.

corinne rond

I’m 100% Dutch, unfortunately nobody exotic in my family tree :-(. Haha, I used to envy some of my friends whose parents were from far away countries. Well that was back in the days. I love snow & skiing(one of my favorite places on earth is the French Alps area), travelling, getting to meet new people, have my daily latte around 10:30 am, see places, try different foods, yet baking the same Dutch apple pie over and over again since it’s so crazy good!

Right after  high school, I was a law student for a year, since I loved films about advocates. I like some excitement and I cannot stand injustice, yet this turned out not enough inspiration to continue my law study. I wanted something more creative, something more tangible. Fashion Academy was the right fit for me.

So far my career was in fashion design and productdevelopment and I’ve done that with absolute pleasure! Working with lots of fun, interesting people around the globe (mostly in Hongkong, India and China). It was a wild, intensive 2 decades-period. Yet my fashion career didn’t last forever; first due to bad economy, followed quickly by me wanting to enlarge my freedom, my skills by exploring businesses that require of me different and new skills. (I’m addicted to self-development).

My biggest interest was always in positive thinking, in being F R E E, in food and health. I’ve read many books and still read many books today, gained lots of personal experience along the years 😉 and keep doing so on a daily base.  I cultivate my F R E E D O M – mindset and as I grow older I’m wildly enthusiastic about H E A L T H and all that nature is offering. These days I’m a blogger and a vlogger, as I need to put the word out about my latest discovery, epiphany, whatever you want to call it.

9dropsI’m a happy essential oil convert after a great health benefit I experienced by using some oils I got from a friend. It was peppermint oil that made me cool ;-), really, with this oil I killed my hot flashes right on the spot! Making my life a lot easier. Now I’m using the oils to nourish my skin, to chase away my wrinkles and eczema, to cure my inflammable scalp and last but not least: To energize and to calm my emotions! The power of aroma is M O O D B L O W I N G ! It’s such a B I G  thing  that the power oils support body, looks, mind and mood! All pure and natural! I incorporate them fully into my life today. Next to my own  V I C T O R I E S   I cannot get enough of other people’s wonderful ‘oil’ testimonials.

These days I’m back to school! That is, my self proclaimed school. I love to try and study the oils, their background and what amazing beneficial impact they can have on each of us. You are invited to discover and enjoy the power of essential oils through my blog. I love to spread the daily-drop-power-of-the oils by blogging and vlogging. I’m pretty serious about this, almost fanatic :-)…I wish I learnt about the oils earlier!

Stay tuned, as I will share with you lots of ‘oily’ benefits!

Corinne Streefland